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Commercial and Industrial Class Wireless Mesh Networking

The EN6424 Entuit Wi-BACServ is a BACnet Server and Wireless Network Coordinator that acts as a bridge between Entuit devices and BACnet client.

Features at a glance

Bidirectional communication between the wireless Entuit Scape devices and a BACnet solution.

— Wireless Entuit network coordinator

— BACnet IP data link layer

— Supports up to 6000 BACnet objects

— Read/Write Entuit device via BACnet objects

— AI, AO, AV, BI, BO, BV objects

— COV (change of value) subscription support

— Supports up to 120 wireless devices

— Operates on a license-free 2.4 GHz ISM radio band

with 15 user-selectable channels

— FCC-, and Industry Canada-compliant

— RoHS-compliant


Multi-Function Command, Control, and Communication

The Entuit Wi-BACServ is a multi-function device that performs wireless Entuit network management tasks and provides bidirectional communication between wireless devices and a BACnet IP client:

-BACnet object values are periodically updated by Entuit devices and can be to be scanned by a BACnet client or reported as a COV event if subscribed to by the BACnet client.


-When a write command is issued by the BACnet to the particular object, the gateway relays the information to the wireless mesh network.


Wi-BACServ consists of an integrated BACnet IP controller and a wireless Entuit gateway and serves as the focal point of a Entuit wireless network. It transmits at a radio power of 60-mW, allowing for communication distances between Entuit  gateway and wireless devices to span at least 750 feet outside line of site, depending on the local conditions  affecting radio transmission. The Entuit Networking System is scalable to include hundreds of nodes and cover thousands  of feet.


Faster, Simpler Installation

The Entuit Net Wi-BACServ integrated site controller and gateway eases implementation onsite. It presents structured sensor data to its applications via BACnet IP protocol and functions as the single access point to all external applications, making networking simpler and facilitating system integration. This intelligent Wi-BacServ device enables sustained local operation to existing remote monitoring and control applications.


Entuit Networking

The industrially-proven Entuit networking system is delivered on the Entuit gateway and routers. Entuit employs patented Persistent Dynamic Routing (PDR) techniques to form a self-configuring wireless mesh network. PDR uses a node-initiated network formation to enable efficient topology discovery and uses "best route" information to facilitate network re-formation (required in ever-changing RF environments). With Entuit, you can deploy industrial-class wireless mesh networks that are:

-Self-administrating: a self-forming and self-healing mesh network requires no administration

-Robust: a network that ensures multi-route, reliable data transmission over extensive distances

-Responsive: a network that quickly adapts to changes in topology and radio frequency (RF)

-Power-efficient: very low power consumption

-Scalable: with the application, can scale to hundreds of wireless nodes with minimal overhead

-Low latency: very short network data delivery times




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